Making reputation portable
Making reputation portable
Workplace platform to seek feedback privately, identify focus areas & share top endorsements. Now let awesome people & opportunities find you.
Get early access..
Get early access..
Ever thought why need time to get accepted everytime you are in a different group or team?
That's because you have to build your reputation all over again. Well, it's time to fix it..
The secret of getting ahead is
getting started
The secret of getting ahead is
getting started

Discover, not guess

Your team knows ..

Team can tell you the good & the bad aka. your "Reputation". But asking directly? hmm!
Well, no awkwardness; we just gamed it. It's going to be private and fun..

Learn fast

Feedback for breakfast

Reflect, caliberate matching your personality & aspirations. Build credible story around what you are good at! Trusted & valued.


Don't be hard to find

Experience, Education, Skills, Certifications & that's it? What about values and ethics? The organization and social skills that defines the professional in you?
You are much more than your resume.
Future of Work starts here
Future of work starts here
Open platform for talent networking & workplace engagement. Get your organization on the circuit & connect everyday.